The Wild! (:

my fav hands down is harding like damn he deserves everything that is good in the world i love him so much and my least fav is the tub of anal leakage also known as matt cooke (what a shocker)


Bruins, Avs, and Leafs

bruins - my fav is bergy and my least fav is caron

avs - my fav is douchene and i absolutely hate stuart like god damn i don’t understand why any team would want him tbh

leafs - my fav is phil the thrill (sarah would probably kill me if i said anyone else) and my least fav is phaneuf oops

thanks! :)

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Send me a team and I’ll tell you my favourite and least favourite player on that team!


sexuality: all time low’s entire discography

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Tomas Hertl - San Jose Sharks
Tomas Hertl - San Jose Sharks
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HOCKEY isn’t just a sport, it’s a lifestyle.

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sexuality: alex pie triangle hoe

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Jean Louis Sabaji Spring-Summer 2014

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i went to the doctor a few days ago and found out that i have hypertension and when my doctor asked if i was under a lot of stress at home i started bawling and i couldn’t stop crying and my doctor went and told my mom and my mom started screaming at me in the middle of the doctors office and i was fucking mortified